The Resolution

CUPE Ontario will:

  • Reject the inclusion of State Security Forces—both civilian and non-civilian—in the Canadian Labour Movement, including but not limited to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police;
  • Discontinue any current or future allocation of resources towards the unionization of State Security Forces;
  • Work to deepen the trust in CUPE Ontario by supporting individuals affected by and movements created to address police/state violence;
  • Sponsor a CUPE National resolution supporting the above and support efforts at the Ontario Federation of Labour and Canadian Labour Council for the same;
  • Release a letter outlining this position as an important value to CUPE Ontario and of the Canadian Labour Movement;


  • Unionization of State Security Forces is at odds with CUPE’s stated positions on the former Bill C-51 (2015) and the forthcoming Bill C-59 (2018).
  • State Security Forces can be used to repress workers on strike;
  • State Security Forces have monitored and repressed social justice movements that have involved current and previous members of CUPE, including monitoring of indigenous and labour activists through Operation SITKA;
  • State Security Forces repress other social movements that CUPE Ontario otherwise supports through criminalization and violence, such as the Movement for Black Lives and during Toronto’s 2010 G20 Summit.